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Marty Party
Monday - Saturday: 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Marty Party


I've been at KGON since 1977. Obviously it feels like home. I just don't sleep there ... very often.

Radio History
It all started at a little 5,000 watt "ma & pa" station in Eugene, Oregon called KFMY in 1975 ... stayed there a couple years before coming to KGON and I love it here!

Martin Anthony Christensen New Years Day in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Musical Tastes
Classic Rock (of course) blues, motown ... well just about anything, except country & western and opera ... and since I do play the accordion, I like a good polka once in a while (a few beers helps here).

Favorite Concerts
Jeez ... too many to name ... but a few that standout in my opinion would be the KGON show at the Waterfront in September of 2000 with the Guess Who and Steve Miller ... Pink Floyd in Vancouver B.C. ... Jethro Tull at the Hult Center in Eugene in '98 ... George Thorogood in the Civic Auditorium in about '87 (a real plaster ripper) ... Lynyrd Skynyrd (who played under the name "The Curtis Lowe Band") they played at the Starry Night the evening before they played the Coliseum and here's a kicker ... they asked KGON to announce that the "Curtis Lowe Band" will appear at the Starry Night (cover charge: $1.00). Only the true Skynyrd fans were there. Wow what a night! ... Johnny Guitar Watson, Starry Night.

Famous People
Besides tons of rock stars, I've had the pleasure of meeting Jack Nicholson, Bob Hope, Ed Sullivan, Jon Lovitz, Superman and Santa.


  • Golf (I love to be humbled) I'm happy if I break 100.
  • Woodworking: I have a shop full of power tools and all ten fingers, so far so good.
  • Checking out local music: Portland is loaded with great musicians.
  • Reading: I like fiction and horror the best.
  • Astronomy: I love stargazing and finally got my telescope. It's an Orion 8" Dobsonian Reflector. This Big Mutha Goes Into Deep Space. COSMIC! 
  • I also watch a lot of sports on the tube and drink a lot beer while doing it. My favorite teams are the N.Y. Yankees and the Cleveland Browns. (winners and doormats) and of course the Blazers. Add a kettle full of charcoal, something to "Weberize" and a big fat stogie and I am one happy deck lizard.

Overall, I'd have to say I've been blessed with a beautiful family, great friends and job I love. I wish the same to anyone who reads this.

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